Useful Python Links the home of python, to install python, id recommend 2.7.11 purely as this is what im used to and there is code variations in newer ones


Found a very nice little write up on errors that i think is one of the best and most to the point ive seen, id bookmarj this as you’ll no doubt need it at some point, ill do a tutorial based on this style soon – a great go to guide for python functions and general information


Great starter series for basic coding, this is where i first started –


Nice regex video, handy for kodi plugins –

Also for plugins all youll need should be here –


Great series for python game development im currently part way through, for moderate to experienced coders –


A site where you play a game by using python to tell your character what to do –


Join the python for beginners facebook group –

Join the Kodification facebook group –

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