Sanctuary Kodi Add-on

This is just a note about Sanctuary third party Kodi add-on. You may be here looking for a password for the adult sections but this is not where you will find it. No add-on’s or install guides will appear on the site at present and in light of this I have asked the lead developer to remove the link to this site to save confusion, this was a little while ago now but with it being just something the developer is just overseeing and helping with rather than a full time job(hobby…..) I cannot say when this will be removed.

In light of current legal actions and his minimal input the developer does not wish to be publically named so there is not really anywhere I can point you for help. There is also set to be a rebrand of the add-on to remove all ties from previous developer, whose name is tied to sanctuary and is hoping to lose that tie but the only real way is a rebrand of the add-on. Hopefully all this will be done shortly and everyones wishes will be catered for.

Can only apologise if you are here looking for porn ‘for a friend’ and feeling deflated but this is all i can do.

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  1. haha I was here looking for this password for the just for him add on and maybe you can help if I reply here. idk

  2. carrg36

    Could not connect to the server.

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