Report any issues with addons in Origin Repo

Get repo from http://archive.org/download/back2basicsrepo

Radio Gaga – removed from repo
Animetoon – No known problems
Full Matches and Shows – now running on origin resolvers – v0.0.6 seems to be a little quicker
Go Streams – new source added, v0.0.4 and all working again
WatchCartoononline – Search needing fixing
YesMovies – Issues fixed, now v0.0.4
Big Kids – to be checked
Kingmovies – site now using cloudflare. Is constantly changing so not maintaining for now.
1080p Movie – updated to v0.0.3 now running off origin resolvers
1movies – updated to 0.0.5 fix some bugs i noticed
I am Groot – update to v0.1.1 fix some bugs i noticed.
Adultlife – current password is analbead – no known issues
F1Fullraces – linked to origin resolvers – v0.0.3 openload links should work but need pairing
Orgin Replays – links should work now v0.0.2
Project free tv – v0.0.2 fix some small bugs

Origin Resolvers – updated to v0.1.2 to add new resolvers in and clean up

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  1. geetee

    Cant download repo. originent.net16.net/originrepo is just redirecting me to 000webhost.com/migrate?utm_source=000&utm_medium=rdr&utm_campaign=old_panel_off&static=true .
    Is url I’m using correct?

    • Origin

      have added new url to post, not sure when other went offline thanks for pointing it out

  2. All links in Show section on the Full Match and Shows add-on stopped working

    • Origin

      Is there a specific link? Weshare, rutube or the one beginning with s i cant remember name atm. What version of kodi? What device? Guessing from way you’ve worded it that it did at first. Did check highlights section so will have a look through shows sometime today

      • Highlights section still working, only the WeShare links not working, I am on Kodi 17.3. I am on a mid 2015 Macbook Pro

  3. Minor issue, only 1 link available on the Friday night football. Only pre-match shows up, half time and post match not available on the addon

    • Origin

      Will have a look for next update and try get all. Thanks for reporting

  4. Ark

    Hi, I cannot find full matches and shows in the origin repo. Can you please help? Thanks.

  5. Hi, is there an issue with full matches and shows, there’s no links showing in shows

    • Origin

      Its an issue with ok.ru streams im unsure if i can fix it but will keep trying

  6. Full Matches and Shows 0.3 update have not fixed the issue, I might have a solution, is is OK to post a link?

  7. I think this API will fix the issue, Full Match and Shows are Embedding video’s off this Russian site-> https://apiok.ru/en/ext/oauth/

    • Origin

      That looks like an api for ok.ru not sure if will make a difference as need to grab info from site itself. Whatever streams i tried brought back same results as site displaying. Is there anything specific thats not working so i can check?

  8. I found the channel that uploads the videos


  9. Ramecex

    Great Repo thanks!!! King Movies and Yes movies work fantastic just one request…can you add something on the code to be able to find subtitles? Right now i have to manualy search them.
    Thanks for your help

    • Origin

      Im not sure. If there is a option for subtitles i can try add or can look into it but wont be a quick fix

  10. Ramecex

    Thanks for your quick replay, I am no sure if I explain myself well on the subtitles issue; what I mean is that when I press the subtitles option on my remote, the subtitles window opens but the results are not related to the movie or show that I am watching maybe because of the movie string does not have the proper ID or any ID.

    • Origin

      Ill have to look into it. It may be a naming issues like you say but im unsure how kodi relates to the streams for subtitles so will have to find out then see what changes need making to get it going

      • Ramecex

        Thank you very much for your effort, I really appreciate your effort

  11. Anthony

    Great Repo.

    1Movies giving error when trying to play anything.

    Thanks appreciate your work

  12. Sirheed

    Please football matches and shows is showing “Allow up to 1min for video to start” how can i watch please​

    • Origin

      There is an issue with one of the main sources on site. Will try make a new addon for an alternate site later today sorry

  13. bob lee

    gostreams content gives an option for an english stream but never plays anything

    • Origin

      Im not sure where or what this option for an english stream is. Can you state what exactly you are trying to play and/or provide a kodi.log?

  14. kodiapps

    yesmovies not pulling links

  15. SimplyOJ

    Thank you for fixing Gostreams!! Love the addon..

  16. full match replay option in new football origin replay addon , most come up with a error.Rest works fine though, just that first option in addon

  17. Not getting Full Matches and Shows v0.0.6 or Football Orgin v0.0.2 even trying check for updates on repo

    • Origin

      Is being a bit of a pain when pushing updates so had to re-sync, try again now

  18. Hi whats the adult life password please

  19. Hi,
    Hi, i keep getting ‘xmbc python dependency’ message when trying to update the origin repo’s (1.1.6), video add-on ‘Go steams’ from 0.0.2 to the latest 0.0.3. Any suggestions as to what extra s required?

    • Origin

      I couldnt even guess sorry. The only dependencies are common ones and my resolvers which should be available from either kodi or my repo. All i can suggest is trying again or trying to send me a log so i can see whats happening

  20. the search in yemovies works with certain searches like batman but everything else i tried shows up blank and in gostreams it says starting resolvers then nothing happens

    • Origin

      Thanks for reporting. Will have a look at both issues tomorrow morning.

    • Origin

      the problem with yes movies is the search on site is playing up, works at times then others not. Gostreams there are links down on the site so if it doesnt play will mean the link itself is dead so try another unfortunately

  21. Friday match not open there is a link issue

    • Origin

      Need a bit more information. What section? What match? What source? Do other links of same source play? If just a single link it may just be a dead one on site and not a lot can be done

  22. PrideTiger47

    Hey bud, can’t seem to find I Am Groot in your repo. I did a forced update to the repo and on version 1.1.6. Restarted Kodi and still no go.

    • Origin

      Is showing for me so couldnt say sorry. Its normally if a dependency is missing but is all set up to be able to grab everything from repo. Can only suggest retrying

  23. kodiapps

    king movies not listing data

    • Origin

      Is using cloudflare on site. Hopefully fix at weekend. They change site every few days so may get swapped eventually

  24. Kodikiddy

    Hey buddy,

    The weshare and ok.ru links don’t seem to work for me. I’m on kodi16.0. Do I need to update my kodi to get these links working? Or is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • Origin

      Will be something my end. Did recently push an update that may have fixed any errors


  26. Kick outs from ok.ru
    Please help
    Many thanks.

    • Origin

      Is a bit of a poor source when running in kodi. Will have a look once new addon done

  27. Shawn Tucker

    Animetoon isn’t showing the list for subbed anime on “HOME”.

  28. Ian W

    1 movies not working this end? Any ideas or i it not supported these days?

  29. John S

    Project Free Tv not getting links

  30. Chris


    Got an issue with Animetoon. When looking at the streams for Naruto Shippuden (dubbed) it only shows episodes 367 – 416. Im a little late to the Naruto party so any idea’s of how to get the rest of the episodes?


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