Hey guys over the past week ive been working hard on trying to provide a cheap way of installing kodi on your ios device and after a lot of testing and playing around i have finaly cracked it.

also ive been working with the guys at genietv to produce an app for them which will be available soon hopefully.

as you may know there are free options for installing kodi i.e jailbreaking, ipawind which is $20 a year and without jailbreak using cydia impactor but this option only lasts 7 days.

so if you would like the chance to have kodi on your device for the small fee of £5 then get in touch and send me an email

if you would like to purchase this then simply send payment by clicking on this link kodi-for-ios and then simply use the contact form below to get in touch.

Please visit kodi for iOS if your having any issues


Then come back here and follow the instructions on how to install it


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