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A handy little trick that a lot have recently become aware of is how to source media from a simple google search, I’ve seen a lot of variations on what to search but for a few years now i have simply put ‘index of ‘ and insert what you want to search for at the end, index of movies, index of images etc. This returns results from googles open directories, who owns them or why they are they is a mystery to me but there is a lot of content just sat waiting to be used. You can then just play the links straight from there in the browser or add them into Kodi, I only recently tried this and i must admit i was very impressed. From a users point of view you probably have seen more impressive add-on’s but from a developer having used these open source directorys manually for a matter of years, getting images, info etc and adding into a add-on this is a great time saver.

Once you have been on google and found a site then just make a note of the url, i will show you how to add to Kodi, export it into a xml so you can then link up to another device save waiting on it fetching images again and how to manually check for updates from the url you add. Follow the steps below for Kodi 17, the steps will be almost identical for Kodi 16 but just the layout of kodi itself will be different:


Open up Kodi and then navigate to videos.

Press on Files

Press on Add videos

Press where it says none

Input the url you got from google.

press on this directory contains

Select what type of media it is, Movies, Tv Shows or Music (this is used for fetching information)

Press OK

Press Yes

In the top right you will see it is scanning for information for the media you are trying to add, it is grabbing a fair bit of information so it may take a little while depending on how much there is the add from the site you have found.

Now if you go to Movies/Tv Shows/Music (depending on what media you grabbed) you will notice that theres now a load of media all added for you, split into genre, years, actors, directors, countries, lots of stuff and images have been grabbed. There’s very few things about kodi’s basic structure (apart from the player itself) that has really impressed me, its mainly been third party stuff, but this one I really really like.

Now that you have added some media you can also choose for it to check the url for any updates each time you start up Kodi, to do this go to settings cog at top (system on kodi 16)

Media Settings (Videos i believe on Kodi 16)

Update library on startup. Also you can export all the information that you have grabbed into a xml file so you can add to other devices.

On  the left hand side menu at the very bottom scroll down to the little cog and change to expert then come back up to library. Under Video Library press on Export library

Export to a single file

Navigate to where you want the xml to be created. Once its created it will also produce a load of pictures but its up to you if you keep or not, personally i scraped all the info and made it ready to go straight into a addon.  You don’t have to do this last step except to transfer or store the info somewhere.

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