Fallen addons and TVA law suit.

If you keep in touch with Kodi’s third party scene you will have heard or seen the recent end of a vast amount of great add-on’s. This is mainly due to the people at TVAddon’s being faced with a law suit (if you scroll down a little and check the top case you will see it in plain text, for any that are sceptical it may not exist).

This is a civil matter and no one can really tell what the outcome might be, but being the first of its kind it has obviously caused a lot of concern for a vast array of developers of add-on’s. It is just a hobby for most and the horrible reality of a potentially extremely high fine (rumoured to be $150k per infringement by torrent freak, a reputable source) is not only worrying but unfortunately, in my opinion, potentially signs of things to come now that Kodi third party scene has hit main stream media.

Since the start of the year the attention on Kodi has been tremendous, starting from little whispers in barbers or at shops into the middle of last year, now in almost all major magazines and the express is alleging Hollywood is setting its sights on the piracy side of Kodi also. I’m a little sceptical where it comes to main stream media but it shows that lots are paying attention and with the reaction this law suit has had. without any legal outcome yet, I would be greatly surprised if others did not appear. From a legal side they have to do something now that it has become an ‘epidemic’ and its not something, again in my opinion, that is just going to go away.

It’s not the end of Kodi third party scene but potentially as we know it, all the attention will maybe put off new developers and as the list of add-on’s has taken a big hit lately, especially the likes of phoenix, you may see a slight change in your setups in the coming weeks. I also noticed one big name dissapeared from my twitter feed who is normally quite vocal, I’ll not mention who because, as far as i am aware, they went quietly and sure they have good reason. I just want to wish them the best and thank them for all they have contributed.

You will maybe see a list of addons, which i did share previously (with some additions myself) but they best bet is to just wait it out and see where things stand in a few weeks, if something doesn’t work just try an alternative until if/when things blow over. If you have installed a addon from tvaddons or the indigo installer then don’t be surprised if you have issues with some.

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  1. Michael

    Really appreciate the article, the heads up, the news, and above all; the hard work you put into the development, testing, and maintenance of the great addons. P.S. I have been using Lighttable (Electron) for my code “practice”, can you recommend any others? Thanks again.

    • Origin

      Im very basic, i use python’s IDLE for quick checking and notepad++ for bigger tasks. Others seem to get on well with sublime editor though

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