In simple terms google is some very clever coding that searches websites for certain keywords which are typed into a search box by you.

I wont even pretend to know the ins and outs of it or give a poorly educated opinion of what i believe it does, but more try to give a brief description of how you can hopefully get more potential from what i guess can be described as the greatest library to have ever existed.

To start simply visit (.com etc depending on your location) and you will be faced with a box in which you just type in what you want google to search all the sites its linked to (literally millions) for the specific words that you type in.

Google works on a certain point scoring system (relevance of content, key words, visitors to site, age of site and lots of other things) to determine which sites will appear higher (the first you see) in search results. So bear in mind that because it appears first it may not always be the most accurate result for you.

Personally i tend to ‘ask google a question’ – “wheres the nearest petrol station”, “how old is that person making a fool of themself on x factor and why has no one told them how terrible they are” etc (although the second one id probably just shout at the tele and expect no response). I do this first as it tends to bring back results from forums where people have discussed this before and you can get a bit of a better understanding than potentially landing on a site with all ‘tech talk’ aka gibberish unless you can decypher it.

If im not satisfied with the results ill try over options such as “how is bread made”, “what is a new five pound note worth” (answer to second one is about 500 pennys by the way, not a retirement fund……)

Always be sure to check alternative sites aswell, the joy and pain of the internet is that the information is from average people.  Im not saying they are wrong just that there may be a difference of opinions a lot of times.

Thats pretty much it, theres no right or wrong way to use google except to have a try, you will eventually learn which sites have more credible information and there is a world full of it at your fingertips, you wont break it so dont be afraid to use it, once you do im almost certain you’ll never look back.

One more note – in relation to any kodi issues just type the problem (no picture but sound on streams, favourites not updating on whatever addon, how to install this addon) and more often than not you will find a wealth of information already there for you to read through at your leisure

I hope this is in someway helpful and have not come across patronising, everybody is different and just because you do not know something today does not mean you can not learn it tomorrow

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