For those of you that take a interest in the social aspect of third party Kodi you may have heard the infamous ‘url resolver’ mentioned from time to time. It is a very handy tool for many developers but maybe underused and misunderstood by many new-comers (myself included).

Up until recently i was not aware of what it actually does, I believed it played a part other than what it does. What it appears to do (in my own words), is when a developer wants to display a link to a file in their addon, first they will approach a streaming site and then they will play a little game of ‘hunt the file’, basically a file is hosted somewhere, albeit .mp4 or whatever, which is what will actually play within Kodi, but when you get to where the video is playing on a site you then have to trace it back through source code to find its location.

It may be that the source code for the webpage that is currently playing the streams only tells you the location of the window it is playing in, then on the source code of that one may tell you its location on a upload site and so on until eventually you find its direct location (dancing with java, encryption and all sorts of delights on the way)

Basically what url resolver allows you to do is put in the very first url and there is code already wrote for specific sites to go and grab the direct link for you, save the headache of everyone doing it again and again. It is a great asset but maybe not one to become dependant on as you will have to wait on someone else updating  (from a developers view-point)

But all in all (as said before) a great asset and tool in any developers arsenal.


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