This is a term used for some third party Kodi add-on’s. Which quite literally  is what it says, a scraper that uses multiple sites.

In basic terms it has preset menus which get information from sites such as imdb and displays this in kodi with a nice user friendly layout. Then when you select a episode it will take the information (such as season no, epsiode no and title) and then connect with many streaming sites to see if there is a stream available, potentially utilising url resolver to help it get the files to play.

There are some slight downfalls to this, in that it may display information for a show that does not yet have any streams available or there may be a slight mix up and it will collect the wrong program altogether as everything is automated and it would be almost impossible to check every stream thats hosted online now days.

They are normally really well set up and 999/1000 they will get you what you desire but on occasion its almost certain there will be a miss-match and things wont work as hoped.

All in all i personally favour this type of add-on for general viewing and use other playlisted (all files checked and verified manually) addons, although even with being checked streams still go down so nothing is certain.

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