Over the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of accusations thrown at the owners of BOB (How to install BOB Kodi addon) and one of the accusations is that BOB is a clone of Phoenix.

In the interest of being impartial, I think it’s best if we just explain what the differences are:


A clone or a copy/paste is a direct lift of the addon and its code; changing only the logo and crediting the person who copy/pasted to the ownership of the addon. Usually without the original authors knowledge or permission.

An example in this scenario would be if say Steve (fictional name) took a couple of MovieTastic (fictional name); changed the logo, renamed it and changed the author to be him. No other changes made. Steve would then advertise it as his own addon, usually getting a lot of interest putting strain on an already busy and popular source.  In this instance, it’s unlikely that Steve obtained permission from Greg, the original author.


A fork is where a copy of the addon and its code has been copied, and changes have been made to the addon to make it more efficient , alter the source, add more options. Most of the changes would make the addon better or respond better with more options to make the user experience better.  Credits would be preserved and a reference to the original author maintained.

An example, using Steve and Greg again would be that Steve copies Gregs addon, make somes changes such as adding new sources with better quality videos or adding options to allow users to download the video. Steve spoke to Greg; Greg agreed they would be good changes but didn’t have the time or didn’t want to implement them. Greg allowed Steve to fork his addon and create his own version.

As you can see the better option would be to get the authorisation from the original author before going ahead and claiming it to be your own. Plagiarism isn’t a crime in the UK (where I am); but is considered to be immoral. If you take what we all use the software for, we’re not exactly taking the moral high ground here and in the grand scheme of things isn’t as serious.

This being said, and we’re all human and deserve respect whilst giving respect,  its not right to take someone elses hard work and pass it off as your own. If you fork someones work, you should always ask them or at least, reference them in the source code/credits file. If in doubt, ask them before doing anything.

An example fork would be Specto; which is a fork of Genesis originally written by Lambda. Lambda publicly confirmed he is happy with Specto forking his at the time retired addon and the team behind Specto have made some impressive changes to the usability of the addon, giving it new source websites to scrape the content from (known as resolvers).  Originally the community were in uproar over the Specto team from doing this, until Lambda spoke out.

In reference to the original statement behind BOB vs Phoenix, it has been confirmed that Team BOB consulted with Lambda regarding the addon, the outcome of the conversation has been shared with a number of people but the actual conversation is private between Lambda and BOB.
As time goes on BOB is and will continue to use scrapers developed by their team so that Phoenix and BOB do not use the same code base for finding and linking videos. Given the extensive work done by the team, you would in this instance consider BOB to be a FORK of Phoenix and a good one at that. Whilst the basis of BOB is/was Phoenix, it’s a whole new addon under the hood and going forward will be less like Phoenix

We at kodification, welcome BOB to the addon library and look forward to their offerings. We’re also convinced with the evidence provided that the addon is an approved fork and not a copy/paste clone.

Both Phoenix and BOB offer great content, Phoenix is a power house addon and has some great playlisters working inside it. BOB and its playlisters are not new to the scene and powered a lot of the content in Phoenix before the split (ask them why if you really want to know). Team Phoenix and Team BOB will be around for a long time and you should really check them out, they’re a guaranteed addon for your setup.

In closing; stop the fighting.. We all bleed the same blood, want the same things.. Fun..

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