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Installing JFH (Just For Him) – Contains adult content

As it’s my first post to Kodification.co.uk, I thought it be best to start with one of my own addons in my new repo. Things are being moved over, but this one certainly gets people happy.  I am oneil and this can be installed from my repo known as The Ninjasys Repo

If you have Sanctuary installed, you will need a password and it will be posted for you. If you are following the guide below, you will not need a password:

Cannot stress enough that you must be 18 or over to watch the content contained within this addon. We at kodification and the addon developer accept no responsibility for minors having access to the addon and its content. 


Navigate to File Manager under System.


Click on Add Source.


Click on the box that displays <none> and enter the address as above: http://ninjasys.uk and then press OK.


Enter the repo name as Ninjsys or anything you want; this is just a label.


Once complete, navigate to System > Addons > Install from zip file


Navigate to the source Ninjasys we just added.


Click on the file; repository.ninjasys.zip which will install the repository needed.


Now select Install from repository.


Select The Ninjasys Repo and then click on Video Addons and install Just For Him


Again, we cannot be held responsible for you installing this addon and minors being subjected to the content available.

IPVanish is a great asset for any Kodi user, it gives you complete privacy while you are online as well as other great benefits:

  • Access Kodi anonymously (100% anonymous with Ipvanish
  • Android TV Compatible
  • Secure Access to ALL Kodi Add-ons
  • Fastest Streamin speeds
  • Prevent ISP Throttling
  • Hide Your IP Address
  • Zero Activity Logs
  • Access Websites and Add-ons blocked in your country
  • 7 Days money back guarantee
Be sure to visit our post for more information.

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  1. James Dawson

    How can I get the code for just for him? I’m 59 yrs. old

    • Wizard

      forefingeroffury in sanctuary settings

      • Jerry

        I don’t understand where to type in the password and is the password “forefingersoffury?

        • Wizard

          forefingeroffury no s. Type it into settings where it says adult password. Open settings by pressing c if keyboard remote, right click if mouse, menu/3 lines if normal or firestick remote. Make sure you press ok and reload addon after entering password

  2. Jerry

    Is it possible to add a pass work in order to enter Just For Him
    So no one else using my system access this site

    • Wizard

      This would be down to the developer unfortunately. If you use in sanctuary this feature has already been put on

    • oneil

      I do not have this feature available at the moment, but I will look at it. As @wizard said, if you sanctuary, it exists

  3. busman8

    what is the password,and how to put it in. thanks

  4. jcole6787a

    Forefingeroffury not working

  5. Mrgraeme69

    Where do I find password setting. Searched all settings and nothing


    What’s the new password?

  7. forefingeroffury no longer works as a password in Sanctuary, it now states that the password will change monthly, directs people to kodification for password but nothing appears to be listed for this?????

    • Wizard

      It is burptheworm it will be changed at top of install post for sanctuary whenever updated

  8. Jay

    Put in the password and all the thumbnails come up with the categories. No content in any of the clips! Any suggestions?

  9. Sami 333

    Hi am new here please let us know as and when thanks

  10. Tone

    Burptheworm works on one my systems but not the other also the forefingeroffury don’t work help

    • Wizard

      burptheworm is the password, make sure you are pressing ok after entering

      • Tone

        Cheers will try when home . It says password changed every month do you know where can keep upto date on current passwords ? Many thanks

        • Wizard

          The best place is the page on here for Sanctuary addon as will be updated by the developer as/when changed.

  11. Lisa

    Would love this for my father-in-law. Where do I find the adult content?

  12. Nelson

    Wizard, you mention setings, adult for password, where is this seeting under the main setting? Sorry new to this and my Kodi was just updated so everything is not looking the same.

    • Wizard

      Open the addon and (depending on your device/remote) press menu , c , right click or 3 lines, then press addon settings and you will see a adult password box. Input burptheworm in there and then press ok

  13. Brian

    Is there a new password

  14. DEH

    Sorry my bad
    It is working

  15. Mike

    Anyone have the code for April….

  16. Not myname

    How might one fix the thumbnails? In Kodi no limits I get only the sanctuary icons for all videos.

    • Wizard

      Try clearing thumbnails with ares wizard or similar

      • not myname

        same issue, I tried installing form the repo and it shows just the JFH icons for all links.

        • oneil

          I never coded the addon to display thumbnails simply because I didn’t know who will get access

  17. scaleg

    Burptheworm no longer works

  18. krazed79

    try hitting ok after entering password see if that solves your problem

  19. Ron K.

    Wizard,…where can I go to sign up to receive pw for jfh adult and all adult

    • Origin

      The stand alone Just For Him add-on does not require a password, for the section in sanctuary the password is analbleaching

  20. I cannot enter a password anywhere, when I enter the site on my firestick, I push the menu button as advised and it just asks me if I want to add to favorites.

    • Origin

      System – addons – my addons – video addons – press menu on sanctuary and try input there

  21. Ben A

    “analbleaching” not working for me. I am pressing “OK”.

    • Origin

      Have you tried burptheworm? It may be worth changing then reboot kodi

  22. vince

    password for May?

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