Every now and then you may try to install a add-on and receive a message that states ‘dependencies not met’. This will not allow you to install the specific add-on that is causing this error,

What does it mean?

In simple terms, when you try to install a add-on, there is a file called addon.xml and in there it will state what modules (sets of python code to save rewriting standard code over and over) or potential other addons it needs installed along side it for it to function properly. If Kodi can not install the necessary things it is asking for, from the add-on’s repo or official kodi repo, then it will not work.

A recent example of this was when the url resolver (a widely used and depended on add-on by almost all other add-on’s) changed from version 2.*.* to 3.*.*, the change over from 2.whatever to 3.whatever mean that add-on’s trying to use version 2.*.* as a dependency in Kodi would not install when other add-on’s had pushed updates to it, pushing it over version 3.  The add-on may still work properly but it won’t install and you may encounter some errors with it.

What can i do about it?

There is pretty much only 3 main things you can do:-

  1. Edit the addon.xml to make sure all dependencies are met and relevant programs are available to be installed
  2. Manually unzip the file into add-on’s folder and pray it works ok
  3. Get in touch with the developer and send a copy of your kodi.log so he can see what the error is

There’s not a great deal you can do if you are a basic user and don’t like to mess in folders or files but these are pretty much your best options, obviously make sure you have the correct repo installed from the correct source as these dependencies may be readily available but someone else has decided to host the incorrect or outdated version of the add-on’s repo. This is why we say to ALWAYS install from the official source.

We hope you have enjoyed this little write up and if there is ever anything we can try to explain please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Feel free to have a little look about the site and hopefully you’ll find plenty to educate you in the ways of Kodi.

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