how to install kodi on iphone or ipad without jailbreak or mac

Ok guys here we have a guide on how to install kodi on your ios device without jailbreaking and without a mac. But you will need a windows pc and your charge/data lead.

firstly you will need to install itunes which you can get from the apple itunes download page, but itunes doesn’t need to be running.

Then you will need to download the kodi ipa

Then you will need a program called cydia impactor downloaded on your pc

ok now for the steps to install kodi

Connect your iOS device with your computer, and make sure that it is turned ON.

Once your computer detects your iOS device, you can proceed to next step. If iTunes or some other program pops up then close that first.

Extract the Impactor zip file somewhere in your computer and Open Impactor.exe. Don’t select “Run as Administrator” for Cydia Impactor.

once impactor is open make sure it’s recognising your iOS device


If there are multilple iOS devices in the list, select the one thats your device.

After that Drag and drop the ipa file  into the Cydia Impactor window. The ipa file you downloaded from the link given above. (If the link isn’t working then please comment below and I will update it,

Now Cydia Impactor will ask you to Enter your Apple ID. Don’t worry, Cydia Impactor comes from /u/saurikwho made Cydia. The program is as secure as it gets and ive done this a dozen times myself. Just in case if you don’t want to use your Apple ID, make a new one for this purpose.

Once you have entered Apple ID credentials, it will start signing the ipa file and will install it in your iPhone or iPad. This can take a couple of minutes so just be patient lol.

If you see any warnings while installation, just press OK. Basically it is saying that It may cause some hiccups in your workflow if you are Apple Developer, but this will not affect you at all.

With in a couple of minutes you will see Kodi in your homescreen. You can not open it yet. To open Kodi, you will need to manually trust the developer certificate which is your own in this case. Go in Settings > General and right under the VPN, you will find “Profiles” , “Device management” OR “Profiles and Device management”

Go inside this option and trust the profile which has your Apple ID. While trusting your developer certificate, you will need to make sure your phone is still connected to internet otherwise it will give you error. Now you can Go back and open up Kodi and enjoy the fun .


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  1. Ryan

    I did all above. I have Kodiuser on NON JAILBROKEN phone
    However when I try to use DBMC IT OPENS AND I TRY TO DOWNLOADED AD REPO TO FOLDER ETC BUT GET A MESSAGE SAYING that to make sure folder is writable etc. never had this issue ever. Anyone else have this problem

    • The-Apprentice

      Never used dbmc myself I’ve always used kodi and haven’t had any issues

  2. Vish

    Great post! Can this method be used to install Kodi on an Apple TV 4 as well?

    • The-Apprentice

      I’ve not tried it myself only tried it on iPad and iPhone and works a treat

  3. Brian oneill

    Would this work on Apple tv3

    • The-Apprentice

      I’ve not tried it myself only tried it on iPad and iPhone and works a treat

  4. Leo

    Any feedback on how long Kodi lasts with this method, Using a Mac without a paid developers account to install Kodi only gives it a life span if 2 weeks or less. If you have a developers account it’s a year. Is it the same case with this process? Seems a lot more simpler .

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